April 5th, 2004


Sprouted Bread Killed my Cuisinart!

Specifically to you raw foodists...
I asked this in a couple raw communities already, but you guys really know your stuff when it comes to food prep, so I thought you might have some ideas... :)

I tried making some sprouted bread recently. I sprouted some wheat berries (about 3 days), food-processed them, made a bread shape and dehydrated it. It was delicious!

But here's the problem. Near the end of the processing, my food processor broke. It just couldn't handle the berries, I guess. So I have three questions-

1. I was using the mini 3-cup cuisinart processor. Can anyone recommend a better processor that can handle grains? Something affordable, hopefully... I've heard Cuisinart is a good brand, but something about the older and larger models being best...?

2. The whole berries didn't seem *too* hard.. I bet I could make a loaf with them whole. But I'd need something to hold it all together. Any ideas?

3. Any other grains you've had success with? Quinoa bread, or maybe millet...

Thanks. =)
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Blue cheese / ranch substitute

Gardenburger's new buffalo wings have me wondering what the hell I can use to dip them in. I used to be a HUGE hot wings fan, and I was incredibly excited to see that Gardenburger is making a substitute....but, wings aren't wings without blue cheese!! Anyone have any suggestions? The only one I've found that seems vegan is this one. I would settle for a ranch sub, but would much prefer blue cheese. The Uncheese Cookbook leaves me high and dry on this one. Any help would be much appreciates, but since good cheese replacers are difficult to find, I'd *really* appreciate something that you all have actually tried.
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okay, i have about 3 heads of cauliflower and nothing to do with it. my mother always buys me cauliflower, and steamed cauliflower is nice, but gets a little boring! help me out. ;)

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I was seriously down "in the pit" earlier, so I made myself mashed tubers (I was set on using a combination of potatoes and sweet potatoes, but I didn't have any sweet potatoes). They helped.

4 medium potatoes (2 sweet, 2 white), skins on, coarsely chopped
1 large carrot, skin on, coarsely chopped
enough water to boil the tubers in, salted
about 1/8 cup Earth Balance or similar
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped (or ran through a garlic press)
1/4 cup fresh paresly, chopped
salt and black pepper to taste

Boil potatoes and carrot until fork soft. Drain, place in medium saucepan with remaning ingredients, and mash until desired level of lumpiness. Heat on medium heat for a minute or two.