April 8th, 2004


Hi there, do any of you know about this Solae brand i've been seeing it on Gardenburgers now (they've changed their look...AGAIN) and it's now showing up on the new blue boxes, it never said Solae before this, and i'm wondering what type of soy it is, or where it comes from.
Thanks !!

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Luke Chueh

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Silk's Very Vanilla soy milk is amazing.

its even good enough to drink alone, for those that dont like regular soy milk alone. its definetly sweet, but personally i think its excellent, and im really not a soy milk person.
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Vegan Potato Corn Chowder

I sort of made up this recipe recently. All my soups are a catch as one can sort of ordeal and this one turned out very well. :)

1- 32 oz. box of Imagine brand Creamy Potato Leek Soup
1 or 2- medium potatos (I used russet)
1- 16 oz. can of corn or bag of frozen corn
Spices (I used rosemary, thyme, basil, bay leaves, salt, pepper)

Peel and cut up your potatos into smallish chunks (think bite-sized). Place in large pot. Pour the soup over the potatos and turn burner to medium heat. Crush up your dried herbs (or chop your fresh ones) and sprinkle into soup, stir. Let the soup simmer until the potatoes are softening. They should still be a little crisp at this point. Open and drain your corn, add to the soup. Let simmer until the corn is warm and the potatos are tender.

This is really excellent with sour dough bread. It's very inexpensive and makes a quick, delicious meal. You may have to add some more pepper to taste when eating it. All that potato can be a bit bland. You could probably combat that by adding a good deal of spices originally.

I'm terrible with writing recipes... but I wanted to share. :)

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Vegan Muffins

So... My friend and I decided that we want to make muffins together, only I don't have any recipes for vegan muffins. We would like to make lemon poppyseed muffins, however, if you have an irresistable recipe for a different kind of muffin feel free to share that, too! Thanks! (Recipes that you've actually had before preffered, but any accepted)

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does anyone have the recipe for or know of a brand that makes veggie burgers similar to the mcdonalds vegetable deluxe?

note: i'm talking about the vegetable deluxe served in ireland & england (probably all of europe, but those are all i am sure of) NOT the us version.

the us version is just like boca burgers of the bk veggie. the one i'm interested in is actual vegetables in a sort of potato or something else, breaded.

thanks a lot. <3