April 9th, 2004

this is a democracy. you make the rules.

please let me know what you guys would NOT like to see in this community (click as many boxes that apply)

there are plenty other vegan communities out there. would you prefer the product reviews to go to vegreview would you prefer the non-food related posts to go to veganpeople or another more specific journal? is there a restaurant reviewing journal? if not, would you rather the posts about them go here or in a different journal? let me know and i will carry out your requests.

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okay.. i need some interesting recipe centered around string beans. a good green bean casserole would suffice. i have a family easter thing sunday and need to bring some food that everyone AND i can eat. i brought mashed potatos and broccoli casserole last time, and they were huge hits. i think green beans would be my best bet this time.. i wanna mix it up. ;)