April 13th, 2004


Banana “Cream” pie

Banana “Cream” pie
Very yummy non-sweet pudding like pie.
Make or acquire a baked pie shell.
Make an egg; Take 6 oz silken tofu, with 1 teaspoon powdered egg replacer, 1 teaspoon powdered lecithin and 3 tablespoons water. Blend until smooth.
Boil one tablespoon of agar-agar with some water until the agar dissolves. Add enough hot water to make one cup total. Place in blender. Add 0.25 cup oil, a teaspoon of vanilla, and three overly ripe bananas and “egg“. Again, blend until smooth.
Pour into baked, cooled pie shell. Refrigerate several hours or over night.

My response from Gardenburger x-posted....

Well, a while back a wrote to Gardenburger, about this "Solae" brand thing....I got a letter in my email today...this is what it said Collapse )

So I guess i'll just be buying the Boca Burgers that we sell that are certified organic....
oh well...in the end reducing cost seems to be more important to gardenburger than those of us out there who want to avoid GMO's and stuf.
True I know gmos are in a TON of things out there, but it was always nice knowing that they were a bit better than the rest....