April 17th, 2004

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rainy day snacks

it's raining outside an' I can't go out an' play...

Anyone like salsa with red lentils? I have half a jar of salsa I'd like to augment, and I ate black beans last night (as you know).

We're staying in and watching movies! I'm making sweet potato fries, too - how do you like to prepare these?

I'm looking for other snack ideas - if you were staying in watching movies today, what would you eat??


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whenever i make bread, it tastes too yeasty and doesn't rise very much. i read somewhere that the water has to be between certain temperatures to activate the yeast, but without a thermometer, i just approximate, and i wonder if maybe it's not hot enough or something? at first i thought maybe my yeast was stale, but i got new yeast and it's the same thing. could it perhaps be because i am not kneading enough?
does anybody have any suggestions?

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Anyone else find it frustrating when you pick up dark chocolate and it says "may contain: traces of peanuts, tree nuts and milk proteins" or something to that effect?

What's your opinion. Do you buy/eat these products?

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any ideas for a very quick vegan chili? (recipes or packaged stuff that doesn't taste like the can)

i want to watch the hockey game tomorrow (leafs vs. senators...go leafs go), which kinda calls for chili, but i don't have time to make a big fancy pot of it that takes three hours.

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Is Smart Deli meat supposed to be green?

I ate some of that earlier... and contrary to what the package stated, my stomach decided that the Smart Deli meat had expired and thus rejected it.

Beware Smart Deli meat! It's not right!