May 8th, 2004


soooo much soymilk!!

so my dad was at the Grocery store, and trying to be all nice, he bought me a half gallon of silk unsweetened.
problem is, i'm the only person in my household who even touches the stuff, and i'm just not capable of drinking that much soymilk in a weeks time (or so). I can't even pawn it off on my boyfriend who drinks the stuff like it's going out of style, cuz he just won't touch the unsweetned :/

so my question is, does anyone have any recipes that use up quite a bit of soymilk??

i'm making a huuuuuuge batch of pancakes this morning (which uses a cup) and freezing those, but i need suggestions!!
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Fun with Tempeh

I try to eat tempeh because it's cheap and healthy, but it's not exactly my favorite protein source. Anyway, inspired by the Tempeh Tacos posted here, I made this delightful little concoction the other night (the first time I made a tempeh taco salad, but then I just did this):

Slice some onion and fry it in oil until it starts to go translucent (I used this delicious garlic oil; if you don't have garlic oil, then you probably want to add some garlic at this point).

While it's frying, grate about a third a package of tempeh (really, just how much you want to eat) into a bowl. Add soy sauce to taste. Add to the frying pan and fry to a desired texture.

I then put it over lettuce and served it with Litehouse Naturals Red Pepper salad dressing (although you could probably use any dressing you like).

Somehow, the stars converged and something this simple tasted really great. (Well, greatness is really a balance of how quickly I can make it vs. how good it tastes ;) )

Cripsy-Fried Tofu Sandwich

Whipped this up today - yumm!!!!

you will need:
2 or 3 THIN slices of firm tofu - about 1/2 cm thick, or less... (I liked the herbed!)
tamari or soy sauce
nutritional yeast
sandwich fixin's - I used whole grain bread, vegan mayo, lettuce, red bell pepper, and fresh black pepper.

Marinate the slices of tofu in some tamari or soy sauce. Put them aside and start heating a frying pan and assembling your other ingredients. Because the tofu is thin, it won't need to marinate long... give it a few minutes, then dredge each piece in a saucer of nutritional yeast. Coat the slices well! Throw them in a hot non-stick pan with a little oil if you want, and fry until quite brown on both sides. Make 'em crispy!

Once they are done, take them off the heat and let them cool for a minute or two so the lettuce doesn't wilt. While you're waiting, you can prep your sandwich - I spread the bread with vegenaise and fresh-ground black pepper, and added lettuce, the tofu slices, and finally thinly-sliced red pepper. Yum!


You can fry up thicker slices of tofu as well (not too thick!) as a dish in a larger meal. I also think it would be phenomenal in a vegan "chicken-topped" salad. Hmmm....
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so, i was at the supermarket looking at a delicious display of honeydew when i suddenly realized... i have no idea what a good honeydew looks like. i ended up getting a precut one that was slimey and smelled funny that i had to throw away. :(

help please?
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