May 10th, 2004



I'm looking for ways to use up celery. I got a bunch for soup, but that still leaves me with lots of celery to use. I figure I'll make some waldorf salad, some dressing (as in stuffing, not as in salad dressing), and eat some raw with almond butter, but since I'm cooking for myself I figure I'll still have close to half the package left after all that!

How do y'all use up all those stalks?

(I'm assuming it doesn't freeze well uncooked, but if someone knows otherwise that would be super!)

carob recipes...

Does anyone have any highly-palatable recipes involving carob powder? I have a huge canister of it just sitting around and collecting dust. I don't want it to just go to waste so I was trying to think up ways to bake with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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tonight for dinner i made the fettucine alfredo recipe recomended to me in this post

but i added a ton more garlic, less flour, and a bunch of nutritional yeast (prolly around a 1/4 or a 1/3 of a cup, but i added it in spoonful by spoonful, so just do that untill you like it)

then we had bread, and salad.

for desert we had peanut butter cookie ICE CREAM SAMMICHES,some with vanilla tofutti some with chocolate, some with both, and one with peanut butter chocolate soy delicious. some also had chocolate chipes around the edges, i made this recipe for the cookies

needless to say my friends were very entusiatic and well fed :) 

 (and my soymilk is almost gone!!)