May 15th, 2004

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Vegan Aioli

I'm having a BBQ later this month and I'm looking for a vegan recipe alternative to Aioli-type spreads for grilled vegetable sandwiches. I could just substitute for the mayo in recipes I've looked at but I'm interested in trying other imaginative combinations. Any ideas would be great :)

West Indian Rice and Black-eyed Peas with Tempeh

This came in a package of Tempeh I bought last week, and damn is it good!

2 c brown rice - uncooked
1/2 c unsweeted grated coconut
2.5 T vegetable oil (this may be a bit excessive - I used less)
4 c water
1 c dried black-eyed peas (soaked for at least 5 hrs, or overnight)
3 bay leaves
1 medium onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic - minced
1/4 cup vegetable oil (see note with oil above)
1 small chile, sliced in half
1 red (or green, or orange, or yellow) bell pepper
8 oz tempeh (1 package), cubed
1 pinch ground fennel seed
salt/pepper to taste
cinnamon stick

Saute rice and coconut in the 2.5 T oil, for 2 - 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Add water and cinnamon stick. Cover pot and bring to a rapid boil. Do not peek at rice; when steam begins to escape, turn down heat. Cook for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the soaked black-eyed peas with bay leaves in salted, boiling water until tender (20 - 25 minutes). Drain, remove bay leaves, and keep warm until the rice and tempeh are ready.

Saute the garlic and onion with 1/4 cup oil until onions soften. Add chile and bell pepper, saute for 2 minutes. Add fennel, tempeh, salt, adn pepper. Lower heat and stire frequently until tempeh is cris;p and golden. Combine everything, mixing well.

almond paste

does anyone have any yummy recipies involving almond paste? i got some from a friend and have never used it before, so i have no idea what to do with it. thanks!
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nutritional yeast flakes

im so happy - today on my lunch break i ventured into one of the three health food stores my town has and one i havent been in for a long while and i found some nutritional yeast flakes! ive searched high and wide for these and it was just there so i snapped up a tub...but now..i know you can make 'cheeze' from them but does anyone know a cheap,easy,TASTY, low fat recipe? plus has anyone else in the uk had problems finding these elusive flakes or is it just me?


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this isn't a vegan question, but it is cooking related, so i thought i'd ask here and i hope it is okay. my cuisinart (less than four months old) is leaking between the bowl and base. i'm trying to make milk, and everytime i put the water in, it's okay for the first few seconds, and then it pours out down the back of the machine. i secured it both times how i've always secured it and i've never had anything leak out of it before. when i take the bowl off the base,the leak stops and so i can't see where it's coming from. nothing looks broken so i'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else or if i'm doing something obviously wrong.

for a minute i thought maybe i shouldn't put all the liquid in at once like that, but that seems illogical, because i'm supposed to be able to blend soups in the thing, aren't i?