May 18th, 2004

Bloody girl

Dried bean cooking times?

Hi there. I've just made the move from tinned beans to dried and naturally I've done a bit of research on soaking & cooking times. I almost wish I hadn't! Everyone seems to have different lengths of time for all the beans, but I've also found that if I follow a recipe with cooking times I end up with mush. Since I only cook small amounts, I was wondering if that had an effect on the length of time I should cook them? At the moment I'm ignoring it all and cooking beans until they're tender - often drastically quicker than I expect! Any helpful suggestions?

sorry if you know this already, but...

Soy burger crumbles + canned Manwich sauce + toasted bun = awesome vegan food

I like to add a little chili powder and cayenne pepper. It's easy and almost everyone likes it. My carnivorous family says they are the most convincing meat substitute I've fed them thus far. I say they taste good.

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Carrot Greens

I just got my weekly veggie box and it came with some carrots with the greens still attatched. Is there something I can do with the greens? I hate just throwing things out.
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