May 26th, 2004

tofu quiche??

i've tried many times to make a really awesome tofu quiche. we used to have a rad vegan restaurant that made a delicious one with asparagus and mushrooms, where i live, so i know it's possible, but mine always turn out a little bitter (from the tofu) and lacking in flavour.

any well loved recipes or advice, even, on how to make the (silken) tofu less bitter?
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vegan vitamins?

i've been eating vegan for the last week, it's been pretty great, it was a little work to excise eggs and dairy from my diet but i feel way better about myself.

except the other day i looked at the my bottle of valerian that i take regularly and realized that it (and every other supplement i take) is cased in gelatin capsules.

how do you guys do it? where are the vegan vitamins?

Lj-cuts and Recipes

I'd like to let you all know how much I appreciate this community and all the contributions you all make to it. supercarrot has done a great job of moderating, going so far as to archive all the recipes, tips, and other information for

I would like to draw your collective attention to the community rules, which supercarrot painstakingly put together after checking in with the whole community. Long recipes are cool, but using < lj-cut > makes everyone's lives so much easier - including those of us reading :)

banana ideas

so. bananas. they're good. but i have about 7 of them that are on the browner side of ripe and i don't know what to do with them. everyone will probably suggest banana bread but aside from banana bread, could you all please share some helpful ideas? or at least a really, really, really good, tried and true, faithful banana recipe that doesn't call for a cup and half of sugar or more? i checked the index, by the way. but anyway, banana ideas would be very much appreciated.

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