May 28th, 2004


I've been dying to make progress in the realm of my breakfast for a long time. I don't want to pay the high high prices that natural vegan cereals cost (usually at least 3 bucks a box, which'll last me, you know, 3 bowls or so), so I've always just eaten rolled oats with say ground flax seeds and agave nectar. I've experimented a little with grinding oats and then making sort of peanut butter-oat stuff, but haven't had much luck.

Has anyone made their own cereal before(excluding granola)? I want to be able to make something cheap and tasty. Gracias

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couple of questions

1) when do soy and rice milk really go bad? the labels generally say to use within 6-8 days, but i'm ashamed to admit that i recently used soy milk that had been open in my fridge for about six weeks, and it seemed fine. what's the deal?

2) any good recipes using vegan chorizo (the store bought kind)?
oh no!

leek and sweetcorn flan, fruity choc & nut squares

I rang my friend up yesterday and she was feeling really ill and upset, so I decided to make some comfort food to bring over and cheer her up! The recipes turned out really well, so I thought I'd post them here. Collapse )
Well I hope the food made her feel better! These recipes will make LOADS. We had enough for dinner (I now felt over chocolated and ill), split the rest between us and have ample for today too. If I wasn't so greedy it would last substantially longer.

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Beans for Breakfast?

Does anyone have suggestions of ways to incorporate beans into breakfast-type dishes? I can think of bean dishes for lunch and dinner, but none for breakfast! The only thing I could think of is hummus on a bagel.