May 29th, 2004


:-( i can't find the oatmeal waffle recipe i saw just yesterday (or the day before)

bleh. sorry guys, i never do this... but i just went searching back 2 weeks (via my handy-dandy all veggie cooking communities in one place filter. feel free to use it to your heart's delight, and let me know if i missed any.) i even went searching in non-cooking communities....... and i can't find that dern oatmeal waffle recipe. :-( if any of you have a clue as to where the heck it is, i'd be eternally grateful! (hopefully one of you bookmarked it. *crosses fingers*)

also, since i'm already posting a question... here's a second one. i have a mountain of quaker rolled oats. anyone have a clue as to how to use them all up? anybody have an unusual dish that you use them in? cause you can only make so much oatmeal, and oatmeal muffins and bread and stuff. (although i'm not shooting down any recipes you've got for muffins/bread if they're phenomenal. by all means, lay it on me... but one can only eat so much until (s)he bursts)

thanks guys. (p.s. you owe me one.... *wink* :-D )

::edit:: oops... haha. they're here. but please, continue to inform me on the second question. *smacks head*
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i found the pimento & cashew "cheese" sauce recipe!
but here's a question..
my favorite restaraunt in town is a vietnamese restaraunt & they make AMAZING fried tofu curry with onions & carrots. does anyone have a good fried curried tofu recipe? one of my friends tried to make me tofu curry and it was... gross. hahaha. i looove crispy tofu, i've just never tried to make it myself, & i want to! thanks