June 3rd, 2004

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Vegan Mexican Tamales

Hey. My friend is having a graduation this weekend, and her non-vegan family is cooking some authentic Mexican food for the occasion. I volunteered to attempt at mkaing homemade vegan tamales for them to try, since they are in awe at my vegan lifestyle and enjoy trying my vegan dishes. Problem: I don't know how to make tamales, and though I have found a couple questionable recipes on the internet, I don't know if any of them are good.

Does anyone know of any good recipes, preferably tried and true?
I would prefer a soy cheese and green chile type, but any will do.

I appreciate any help in advance! Thanks!
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veganaise vs nayonaise

flavor-wise, is there a big difference in veganaise and nayonaise (i believe it's called)
i've only had the stuff by nasoya..but i end up buying a huge jar every few months, using it once and having to throw it away...i really can't stand the taste and forget until i try and use it again. but yeah, is veganaise any different and more bearable?
and also, is there a good recipe for a mayo substitute that doesn't involve tons of oil and other fatty stuff?