June 4th, 2004



i've been cruising LJ vegan communities all day, and i'd just like to give a shout out to the moderators of this community and those who developed the FAQ section. quite impressive.

my wife, who used to be a vegan, wants to go vegan again (first time was political, this time it's health). i've never been vegan, but i'm not opposed to it either. (i was vegetarian for a little while.) i'm sure i'll be asking tons of questions and checking the FAQ recipies for things we can both eat.

thanks for the wonderful community...i look forward to participating

Fresh Rosemary and Leeks

My dad is starting to harvest this season's crops, and I was wondering what I should do with all these leeks and rosemary I've got now. Any good recipes? (Obviously I don't have to use both at the same time!). I'm not a huge fan of soup (except if it's really thick, then maybe), and none of the memories really appealed to me (sorry, I'm finicky). Thanks!

Looking for coconut cookie.

I want to make a certain kind of coconut cookie. I see them for sale in the store sometimes. They look kind of like a big blop of coconut. I think that they are call macroons. I looked in the FAQ but didn’t see anything that looked like it could be what I want. Does anyone have a recipe?

Tofu Stir Fry

Im making my first tofu stir fry. Its marinating in teriyaki sauce right now. Ive got eggplant and asparagus. Can I just stir fry it in the teriyaki? Do I need to use water or oil or anything else?
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hemp food.

I was wondering if any of you wonderful vegans have tried cooking with hemp/seeds. I'm doing a presentation for my class about hemp and I wanted to try baking something tasty that they might enjoy (cookies, bread, yummieness). Any suggestions?