June 8th, 2004



Anyone have any recipes that make a convincing faux feta? It was in several of my quick & easy recipes and I miss it (they're just not the same without it)!

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Tofu Recipes

I'm hungry, and looking for new, exciting recipes, so I ask: what is your favorite way to prepare tofu?

Mine would have to be either baked tofu with a simple marinade (garlic, ginger, soy sauce or brags, rice vinegar) or cornstarch fried tofu for use with stir-fry veggies.


does anyone have any spirulina recipes? my dad bought a jar of the stuff and wants me to eat some everyday. i just can't stand the crazy coloring of smoothies with spirulina. any suggestions are appreciated :)

I give you...

A mexican-inspired vegan dish that I have no name for.

Okay... at the top is: zucchini, onions, sweet corn, jalepeno pepper, garlic, a few black beans, and soy burger crumble cooked in tomato salsa with added cayenne pepper, chili powder, and Emeril's southwest seasoning. It is resting atop 1/2 of a toasted whole wheat tortilla.

It is accompanied by sweet corn sprinkled with chili powder, and brown rice topped with black beans, tomato salsa, and Emeril's southwestern goodness.

So... what would one call this?

(I hope that image is small enough to not cause too much friend page clutter)

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I bought some Kosher sour salt because I'd never seen it before. The sole ingredient is "citric acid." This stuff is crazy sour. Is there anything useful I can do with it besides induce uncontrollable salivation in myself?