June 10th, 2004


Packed lunches

I've asked before but... I'm about to go full time in school again for my teacher training (up to the summer vacation). I tried eating at the school canteen, out of solidarity with the students, but the food really wasn't great, or great value for money, and I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with the cook: she just could not seem to take it in that Quorn isn't vegan.

So, this time, I'm going to try taking packed lunches, but I'm going to need to get organised and mostly have them ready the night before: I have to leave for work by about 07:15. I have a good bread machine recipe for bread, but I don't just want to take sandwiches.

I've been looking around in the FAQ and community-related cooking journals and Web sites, but I've not found much that specifically says: This is great made the evening before and eaten cold/reheated in a microwave for lunch.

It's occured to me that there are probably many traditional Indian recipes for lunch ('tiffin'?) tins which are either vegan, or easily converted. But I've heard stories of Indian mothers getting up before dawn to spend hours making up the lunches for their family...

Can anyone point me to tried-and-tested recipes for on-the-run lunches?

Many thanks!

PS I've got a sneaking suspicion that I may be having trouble digesting soy milk. I hope this problem doesn't extend to tofu :-(

PPS I might do well to look in cheapvegan too, eh?
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Gado Gado with Summer-y salads

The other week a girl I know asked me over to have Thai green curry with her and her flatmate. She cooked the whole thing from scratch and was really proud of herself for making sure it was all totally vegan, it was so considerate of her! I decided to recipricate so invited them both over for dinner the other day. I made Collapse )


Anyone here a home-made beansprout expert?

I've been experimenting with 'three day sprouting mix' from a local healthfood shop, which includes mung and aduki beans, chickpeas and sunflower seeds as far as I can tell. I made my own jar, worked out that you get green leaves unless you keep the jar in the dark, remembered to rinse twice daily, made two more jars so that I could have beansprouts on the go all the time, and ... they're just not like the sprout from the shops.

The 'parent' bean is still almost intact after three days, and with chickpeas, that seems like a lot of raw 'bean' to be eating. The sprouts are much skinnier, and even in the dark of the refridgerator, the leaves seem to come out much to green and leafy (they're too chewy). It got to the point where I only really fancied eating my home-made sprouts in stir-fries, which is fine, but partly misses the point of all those fresh, raw vitamins.

Any advice?
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Apple Burritos

8 apples, peeled, cored and chopped
1/2 cup softened dates, mashed or coarsely blended
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 teaspoon maple flavoring
1 teaspoon vanilla

Cook apples in 1 cup water. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Roll in whole wheat tortillas and place in baking dish with glaze on top and bottom. (See Glaze recipe below.) Bake 30-40 minutes at 350°

  2 cups apple juice concentrate
  2 heaping tablespoons cornstarch

Cook on high heat until it reaches a glaze consistency, stirring constantly with a whisk.

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I'm making cupcakes for my history class! I'm thinking chocolate and half with vanilla icing and half with strawberry icing. What's everyone's favorite chocolate cupcake recipe? I saw there were cake recipes in the FAQ, should I just follow the same steps? Thanks.


Im gonna make some more baked tofu tonight. I've always used the same kind of marindes like teriyaki and soy sauce.
So my guestion is, will vegetable stock be good? and what kind of spices or other stuff should I add?

and thanks alot for all the cooking help ive been getting!

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Someone, for some reason left three cans of curry paste in the bar where I work (two green, one red), and the bartender that night gave it to me because "vegetarians eat that stuff, right?".

There's a recipe on the can, but I don't have any coconut milk, and I want something I can cook tonight without having to go to the store. Does anybody have any curry paste recipes that have pretty basic ingredients?

(The recipes in the index all seem to call for curry powder. Anyone know if curry powder and curry paste are interchangeable? ...I have to admit -- I actually have no idea what curry really is, exactly.)
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ok, i had this really amazing carrot cake and it was made with fruit juice concentrate and no added oil or sugar. i've been searching like mad for a recipe but my efforts have been fruitless.

can anyone help me out? and before the archive is suggested, i checked there already. =p the vegan cooking community has come to my recipe a few times in the past, and i'm sure it will save the day (night, in this cake) again!