June 11th, 2004

Almond gravy

I made almond/veg gravy the other night very good, very good. But, I would suggest leaving out the braggs, or soy, no matter how you do it, it is still too salty ( guess I should only put a dab in for flavor huh!)
Veg stock/miso
Braggs or soy
Great on rice and biscuits!

Does anyone else get annoyed by all of the Low Carb menus available now? God forbid you go into a restaurant and see a "all new Vegan menu!" America is just supporting another bad habit!


i just made the best food ever,im proud of myself

Holly's Pasta Greens
1 lb of organic wheat pasta (i used "Naturally perfurred" angel hair)
2 table spoons of chopped basil
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 cups chopped spinach
2 cans of mushrooms

Bring pasta to a boil with 4qts of water, add in 1/4 cup of olive oil & chopped basil. Let cook until pasta is not hard, then add in chipped spinach and mushrooms. Drain and top with chopped walnuts and/or vegan "cheese". I added wheat bread with vegan margarine and sprinkled garlic for a side.
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What to do with a ton of spinach?

Ok, so, not-so-new vegan, but I guess I'm just starting with the serious cooking. I never had any time for it, so I cooked twice a week, making huge pots of chilli or something, and then ate lots of junk along with that. But, I found this community and WOW there's tons of stuff I can make that sounds delicious and with the extra time I have lately I figured I'd try eating better.

Unfortunately, this is no time for happy creative cooking. I'm sick and couldn't go grocery shopping so my mom decided to do it for me. And all she bought was raw fruits and veggies. A lot of them. I ate my way through a couple of pounds of cherries, grapes and strawberries but have come to an impass with spinach. Two giant bags of it. I'm not a salad girl, so eating it by the bowlful with a bit of dressing is out of the question.

I have some frozen corn and peas, some silken tofu, lots of rice, tons of curry paste and various spices. So, basically, I'm looking to get rid of a ton of spinach without going grocery shopping again. Maybe bake it into something? I guess I could try a rice and peas sort of casserole, but the one I made yesterday only took about a quarter of a bag of my endless spinach supply and I'd like something a bit more efficient.

I feel so bad. I keep telling my mom not to bother, that I have enough money for groceries, that I need to figure out what I'm making before I go shopping, but every week, without fail, my fridge is chock full of random uncookable stuff.