June 12th, 2004

High Protein Recipes

Does anyone know of any easy to prepare, high-protein recipes? I have to do some serious weight training for work, but don't like having shakes to make up for my protein requirement. I'm aiming for around 100g of protein a day.

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but what do you EAT?

When I tell someone I'm a vegan, a common response is, "But what the heck do you eat?!" Well, here are two ordinary workday vegan dinnertime meals, in case anyone was wondering. =]

This first one was really easy, which is great, because I've been working for 10 hours a day this week. The corn, broccoli, and peas were just frozen vegetables that I had in my freezer. They're just as pretty as fresh, I think, if not prettier, and they're just as nutritious and delicious. They were all lightly salted and peppered - that's it, they're done. The mashed potatoes were regular peeled, sliced potatoes (yukon gold, I think) boiled in plenty of salted water for about 15 minutes. Then they were taken out and beaten mercilessly with plain soymilk. A little bit of turmeric was added for even more buttery color. Salt and pepper, and they were done as well. It made great leftovers.

This next one was last night's meal. the previously-frozen broccoli is again present, because I happen to love the stuff. The tomatoey-looking string beans are string beans from my grandmother's garden, steamed until tender, and then sauteed with lots of onions, garlic, and a can of drained diced tomatoes. On the left is Chana Masala, an Indian chickpea thing that I was introduced to by my Indian friend's mom. It tastes amazing, is healthy, and incredibly easy to make. All you need are canned chickpeas, tomato paste, curry powder, cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes, onions, a little lemon juice, and some garlic. And I think most people who cook often have that stuff in their house at any given time, except maybe the curry powder. Anyhow, here's the recipe I used. http://vegweb.com/food/ethnic/indian3.shtml Secretly, you don't actually need the vegan margarine. Just add a little of the chickpea liquid from the can if they get dry, or you could even add a little ketchup. At the top of my plate is a slice of toasted garlic bread.

The moral of the story is, vegans can eat good, normal, easy, healthy food every single day. =] Enjoy.

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vegetable challenge

My grandmother has a vegetable garden and she just brought me a ton of fresh veggies from it.

Here's what I have:
a lot of string beans
a lot of zucchini
about 6 yellow squash
a head of white(?) cabbage
3 gigantic onions

What can I do with all this stuff? I also have some baby spinach that I need to use up pretty soon, so we'll throw that in there too.

I was thinking about a mixed cabbage stir-fry, and maybe cooking the zucchini and yellow squash in onions and tomatoes, like those string beans I had last night, or possibly making a two-kinds-of-squash lasagna... that would help get some of the onion out of the way, too. Maybe someone knows a recipe with onions as the main feature? Can they be stuffed and baked, or would that taste horrid?

I will be having a gardenburger riblet tonight for dinner, because I need it. Any good side dish ideas?
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HELP!!! Cookies...

OKay, so it won't let me look at the 'faq and recipe index' thingy, so i need some help....

I need a good recipe for vegan peanut butter cookies, using Reese's peanut butter chips and natural peanut butter. i also need an egg replacer, because i don't have any applesauce to use. i thought tofu could be used as an egg replacer, but i can't remember. and then i also need a margarine replacer, since i don't have that either.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

thank you.

Community Alert: Accessing Memories

Quite a few people have said they are having problems accessing the community recipe index. I checked, and according to LJ Journal Support Known Issues page:

Users may experience errors when accessing Memories from communities or other friends. This is due to a recent code upgrade, and developers are working to resolve this issue.

So, sorry, chaps, but it is being worked on and will hopefully be sorted out soon.

To Complete The Seitanic Ritual...

This is kind of esoteric, but anyway, I made seitan for like, the fourth or fifth time. I never buy the sutff in stores, but the problem iwth mine is that it always has this wheaty aftertaste. I also lowered the amount of tamari I put in the "batter" this because I'm using it for paella and didn't want to overload on the Asian flavor. So I ended up with gluten that's kind of bland. As I said, I'm throwing this in a paella tomorrow, so any suggestions on what kind of spice combination I should use to de-blandify it and mask the aftertaste?

First person to suggest ginger or any kind of soy sauce gets his or her head chopped off.