June 13th, 2004


My family is plagued by extremely high cholesterol, apparently no matter what they eat or how much they exercise. I've heard that niacin is the most common supplement used to reduce cholesterol, and I was wondering if anyone knew what some good vegan sources might be? Most supplements are sure to be made from fish. I'm hoping to sneak some into my dad's diet via vegan side dishes.
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always thinkin'

so i made some toasted pine nut couscous
then i opened up a can of artichokes and heated those up

then i mixed the two together and put them in a whole wheat pita

what a lunch : )
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crystal eye

hi i'm new

hello, everyone, figure i will give a quick introduction, before I ask for a bit of advice. I'm an 18 year old girl, from the East Coast of Canada. In the fall i am moving to Montreal, for school.
I have been a vegetarian for almost 2 years now, for health/economic/political reasons, and i would very very much so like to make the transition into veganism. I think taking it slow would probably be the best thing for me to do, learning more about veganism and then giving it a try and hopefully committing to it once i move out to montreal [ i still live with my parents right now , i am the only vegetarian in the house so economically, while living here it is not convenient for my family to buy two grocery orders].
My questions for you are how can i ease into veganism, so when i move out, i am ready to be committed to it? what are the easiest/cheapest essential[to get my proper nutrition foods for a vegan diet. What types of vitamins and supplements, should i be taking? what are some quick easy recipes, what will be time and cost effective, and any other general advice. i am going to be a university student, so i am going to be fairly poor.
i'd like lead a much healthier lifestyle and people a healthier person in general, right now as a vegetarian i find myself eating far too much dairy and far to much grain.
thanks for your time, help and feed back it is very very much appreciated.

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The FAQs are down, so...

I'm taking a very long, very important, and very tedious standardized test tomorrow. What would you guys recommend that I eat before the test and then during the break? I need to remain as alert as possible, and there must be some foods that are conducive to this!

Pressure-cooker questions

At a garage sale yesterday I scored a Presto pressure cooker for $2. I plan to get Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure (but not until after I move in a couple weeks), and I got some tips on Presto's site, but I'm still a little fuzzy on some things. Any experts help me out?

It looks to be pretty old, but in good shape. Gasket's fine, and it does have the little metal thing that sits over the steam vent in the center. I understand that you have to release the pressure before opening it (makes sense!), and Mom tells me that you do that by cooling it--correct? And you can cool it either by running cold water over it (it really won't make it crack?) or by just letting it sit--correct? But how do you know when it's de-pressurized enough?

In light of the whole don't-add-salt-or-acid-to-beans-until-they're-cooked thing, when do I add those ingredients when pressure-cooking?

That little metal thing on top--what exactly does it do? It has a little wire-loop handle, which I presume is to help with removal when it's still hot, but when would I (or wouldn't I) want to do that?

When I read things about cooking under high or low pressure, do I just regulate that with the heat, or is there some other way to do it?

I think that's it for now. Any other sage advice? I look forward to getting started!