June 14th, 2004

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2 friends of mine are moving to South Carolina in 2 weeks, and next weekend we're having a moving party for them. i wanna make some really yummy things for it. so i need some awesome recipes for chip dips (i'm thinking i want to make a guacamole) and also maybe some cookies and i need a large cake recipe. any ideas would be awesome, thanks:o)
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Now that is getting really hot & humid, and I don't have air conditioning, I very rarely want to be in my kitchen with the oven or stove on. Does anyone have any recipes for hearty meals (salads don't really fill me up) that don't require the oven/stove (the microwave would be okay)?? I've just been eating a TON of vegan coleslaw, but thats starting to get boring.

thanks! and if there is already a post like this, feel free to point me in the right direction.
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Tomorrow is my Dad's bday. .. and i'm so upset, cause my sister and my mom are going to make a cake tonight for him... BUT I WANT CAKE TOOOOO.. gosh. I know of some Vegan cake recipes, but anyone have any yummmmyyyyy yummmmmmmmmmmy ones i can make for myself? :)

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What flours do you suggest using in baking? I'm making a (vegan of course) vanilla cake with chocolate ganache for my 11 year old brother, and I want it to be healthy, but I want him to enjoy the cake. He usually won't eat anything that is not packaged, but sometimes likes my baking.
I've got an organic food market with lots of bulk flours that I can walk to in 5 minutes, so I'm willing to try anything.

Thank you!