June 17th, 2004

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my friend made vegan cake with regular cake mix by just substituting something for the eggs....the thing is, i dont remember what he put in instead. is it possible it was vinegar? and how much?

if anyone knows any good substitutes for eggs (not egg replacer, but more common things) i could put in this cake, that would be very appreciated

thank you :)

Pasta Salad I made last night

The pasta was leftover and already cooked. This seriously took less than 3 minutes. I pretty much just used the only stuff I had in the fridge.

French Italian Dressing
chopped olives
chopped green onions

i couldnt believe how tasty it turned out :P


i have been a vegan for about a month (im a newbie...)

anyone know where can find safe vegan bread? someone told me
wonder bread was vegan, i checked the ingredients (white bread) and most of the stuff in there i don't even know what it is...(very very complicated and annoying)

also, is there a list of hidden animal ingredients i should know about?

Dry Bread

If I make bread or buy bread made without preservatives (which is usually what I do because there aren't vegan breads pumped with additives that I can find), I have to keep it in the refridgerator or it will get moldy within a day or two. However, doing this dries out the bread horribly. Anyone know any tricks to keep this from happening?