July 2nd, 2004

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Why does vegan french toast ALWAYS stick to the pan? No matter what I do... I gave up on trying to make it for a long time because I always failed.. but I want to try and solve this problem. So, am I the only one??
Before you reply: I've tried using different breads, white or wheat, thin or thick. I've tried barely putting any mixture on the bread, spooning it on instead of dipping it.. I've tried using no tofu/less tofu or no soymilk/less soymilk (it's one of those things that makes it stick, I KNOW it). I've tried using more oil to the point that the result tasted like nothing BUT oil. I've tried using DIFFERENT oils... I've tried turning up the heat, turning down the heat... NOTHING WORKS. The damn toast still just soaks up the oil or ignores it and sticks to the pan so much that pieces of the bread come right off and burn, and I'm left with a gross mess and wasted food. *frustrated*


hello all. i am a vegetarian about to become vegan. i tried once before but ended up getting pretty sick because i wasn't eating properly. if you could give me some tips for starting out, and also some of your favorite recipies that would be amazing. thank you all for your help!
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My roommate brought home some spinach fettucini a while ago, and I thought "spinach fettucini is so good with alfredo sauce." I endeavored to come up with a super simple white sauce using only things I had on hand and purposely leaving out anything that a moderately stocked kitchen might not have:

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Organics and Nutritional Value

I remember seeing an article or several floating around LJ regarding the greater nutritional value of organic veggies and fruits because they must produce nutrients in order to combat pests. When they are not exposed to pests because of pesticides, these nutrients are not developed. Anyone see the same articles or something similar and know where to locate them?

upcoming college vegan food challenges

I'm going to be feeding myself at college in a couple months - yay!

What are your favorite cheap vegan foods/meals?
What is the cheapest way to buy veggies - frozen, fresh?
Is it cheaper to buy pasta sauce or make your own?
What are some of the cheapest fruits and vegetables?
What are some cheap vegan soups (besides hydrogenated ramen soups, please)?
Any other money-saving tips? A cookbook, perhaps?

I love cheap, delicious beans and rice, by the way. :)

Thank you!!
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