July 6th, 2004

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I'm leaving for a 2 week road trip to Canada on Friday, and I have limited food list as it is. I'm going to have a cooler in the car, so I'll be able to bring foods that need to be refridgerated.

So far, what I'm bring for food is:

- Grapes
- Vegan Bagels
- Better than Cream Cheese ( Cream cheese substitue )
- Cherries
- A tupperwear container of guacamole
- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
- Sunflower seeds roasted in mushroom soysauce
- A tupperwear container of tabouli

I need suggestions for easy, good on-the road dishes that I can make. Remember: I'm not going to have anything to heat them up. So..cold dishes=the best
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Oh help! I'm making East Indian Bean Dip, a recipe I found in a Weight Watchers cookbook (which is really weird -- most of the Weight Watchers recipes seem to consist of chicken and fat-free dairy) and I forgot to copy down one measurement. I tried looking up the recipe online, but can't find it.

I wrote down "1/4 hot mango chutney." I have no idea if it's 1/4 tablespoon, teaspoon, or cup. I can't even go by logic here, because I've never used hot mango chutney before, and I don't know how to judge what's too much. I don't know how strongly it will flavor the dip.

I'm open to suggestions. Anyone who's worked with hot mango chutney before -- please help!!!!


I want to make something interesting with salsa...

any ideas?

Not really looking for a mexican dish, mostly just cuz i don't have any beans or veg cheese. But Ive got some cool salsa i want to do more with than eat with chips.

pretty please!
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a cuban anniversary

yesterday was my partner and i's running-away-together anniversary AKA escaping-omaha-anniversary. we were going to visit cuba this summer, but decided to put it off a year, so i decided to make him a surprise cuban dinner. he mostly ate Moros Y Cristianos (black beans and rice) while he was there so i decided a little variety was in order. i won't post everything i made, but i'll include my few favorites from the evening.

i found most of the recipes at www.tasteofcuba.com and www.icuban.com and simply veganized them.

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I also made Pastelitos de Guayaba y Queso and Pastelitos de Coco by putting guava and vegan cream cheese and then shredded coconut in puff pastry triangles. super easy! I made a similar thing with homemade dough and soyrizo.
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oh hell-p!

hey i'm new here and i have a question.......
what vegan foods have the most protien, and more importantly, which are your favorites?
i'm asking because my doctor advised me to eat a carb lite, protien heavy diet (no, nothing severe and creepy like the Atkin's diet, more moderate, it has to do with naturally treating A.D.D.) and i'm doing some research on how to do that and stay veg. what are peoples thoughts on protien in the vegan diet?
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