July 12th, 2004


ice cream, chocolate, and stuff...

hi everyone,

i need a kickass recipe (or two) for my boyfriend/husband. i'm a vegetarian slowly transitioning to vegan, and he's... well, he eats white meat every once in a while, but we've realised he's lactose intolerant. and he LOVES cheese. and chocolate. and icecream. we have been buying soy cheese for a while, but it doesn't help to 100%, so i'm thinking maybe he should avoid casein too? what do you think? would that help?

as for my actual cooking question... i'm on a mission to make yummy chocolate icecream, because we just can't afford the expensive kind they sell. i do have a blender, and have read a couple of recipes involving silken tofu and cocoa powder. does anyone have something tried and true?

last question. is there a way to make cookies, cake, any kind of chocolatey treat without an oven? our stove runs on gas and we can't afford to fill the tank up. we do have two electric burners, so we can cook, but we don't have an oven. this absolutely drives me crazy, but what can you do? i wanna surprise him with something yummy with lots of chocolate, but i haven't found anything that doesn't require an oven.


not quite off-topic...

my room-mate bought a cheap spatula that melted onto her teflon pan while i was making falafel... i tried using a scrubby sponge and it didn't chip off at all. i feel like an assface for being kind of off-topic, but i didn't know who else to ask...

is there any way to save my friend's precious pan?????