July 14th, 2004

falafel advice

ok, there's A TON of falafel recipes out there, and probably more than one in the community archives. but would you please help me?
i'm in a desesperate need for a tried-and-true falafel recipe that:
a) makes little balls, not patties;
b) will not fall apart when i fry it;
c) it's not GREEN (i have seen one that asks for an awful amount of herbs... it may taste good, but i would be very scared of eating greenish falafel balls)...

i have dried chickpeas, a pressure cooker, a blender and my willing hands... and i can get almost any herb or spice. anyone has a recipe that fit my requirements and materials? pleeeezzzz?
Luke Chueh


well just a little update on my mac and cheese with nutritional yeast...

lets just say it was a bust.

it actually ended up tasting a little sweet to one friend, my boyfriend thought he tasted the mustard, and i personally thought it tasted like wierd cake mix.

it seemed to have the right consistancy for cheese sauce (a little thick but still ok) but the taste wasnt even good.

so much for that idea :) maybe i'll try some of the recipies that some of you listed. :)