July 15th, 2004


modified spaghetti bolognese

i've never posted a recipe here before. my food tends to not be very special. or taken from here. :) anyway, this is started out as a recipe i found here. also, note that this was the first time i cooked with tvp, so i didn't know how much it was gonna expand, and ended up with a shitload of food. me and my boyfriend have eaten it twice each already and there's like 4-5 servings left. oupps.

1 cup tvp crumbles, soaked in 7/8 cup of vegetable buillon
1/2 can of mushrooms
1/4 (or so) of a yellow bell pepper
lots of corn (i didn't measure this)
1 big can of italian crushed tomatoes
some ketchup
a little bit of chili sauce
lots of garlic salt (i was out of "real" garlic)
some oregano (the recipe calls for basil, but i didn't have that)
and of course pasta, i had spaghetti
(the recipe also calls for vegan parmesan on top, but i skipped that)
olive oil (i used vegetable oil)

soak the tvp in water or vegetable builloned water. put the corn, chopped bell pepper and mushrooms in a pan with some oil. cook for a little bit. (hehe, i'm sorry about my vagueness, i'm not good at describing how to cook stuff!)

add the tvp after it has soaked for like 10 mins (that's what it said on the bag). stir for a little bit.

season with garlic before adding the crushed tomatoes. cook for a little bit. add some ketchup and chili sauce until the "sauce" looks good. add the oregano towards the end.

serve with spaghetti, and if you have vegan parmesan sprinkle some on top.

this was awesome. my boyfriend loved it, and he doesn't usually like this kind of food.
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Yesterday i bought a big bag of frozen fruits, inside was tons of peaches, some strawberries, seadless cherries, green melon and some pineapple.
I'm thinking of making peach bread or Strawberry bread. :)


Im trying very hard not to go to the store and being a lazy cook tonight.

I've got a thing of that Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup. Which is ok, but a bit boring. Got any easy ideas to fill me up a bit more?
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Tomorrow night i'm going by my boyfriend and we're going to bbq. I'm the only vegan so i'm going to bring up my stuff, but i really don't know what i can bbq. Can i bbq tofu? By the way i'm still really new to vegan cooking and preparing food.
I want something delicious that i can eat while they eat beef and chicken.