July 17th, 2004



ive been craving pizza lately and i've been looking very hard in the dumpsters lately for pizza toppings.... the other nite i got 6 of those little plastic edinburg (or something like that) boxes of organic spinach and some baby portabello mushrooms, and THAT got me to wondering if one could make a vegan alfredo pizza.

Well, You Can. And its DAMN good.

i'm not going to include the recipe for pizza dough, because there's a billion online and everybody has their favs.

I used my favorite alfredo recipe (which is:
1 box of silken tofu
1 bullion cube
2 spoonfulls of nutritional yeast.

combine it in a blender/food proccessor, and slowly add water (its like half a cup or so, i'd guess) until it looks like alfredo sauce.
generally, i then heat it up on the stove and serve it with pasta.

but tonight, i just spooned it (cold) over the pizza crust, then topped it with spinach and sliced mushrooms, and then added a few extra spoonfulls of lafredo on top (i was trying to drizzle, but its too thick to drizzle). then baked the pizza as normal (8 or so minutes, 500*, pizza stone, preheated for at least half an hour)

anyways, it was incrediable, and i reccomend you try it.


Loving my veggie section of the fridge

A while back I found an amazing recipe for perogies. The dough was super easy to make, something like 1 cup of unbleached flour, 1/2 water and 1/2 olive oil (going by my horrible memory)

Now, the other day I bought herb spiced tofu and had the brilliant idea of crumbling that up, cooking it over the stove and then making perogies with tofu inside instead of patatoes.

Any reason why this may not work? Or why it may not be such a good idea- I hate to waste food.


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Flavoring Oils

I have lots of flavoring oils from a lollipop kit I never used (and don't intend to use). The flavors I have are: anise, cinnamon*, lemon, lime, orange, peppermint, spearmint, and tangerine. What else can I use these highly concentrated oils for/in?

*cinnamon is the only part-artificial oil of the lot
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virgin mary loves bunnies.


I bought a bag of Panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) but I'm not sure what I want to make with it. I was thinking stuffed tomatoes, but any suggestions would be great.

Yes, I did check vegweb.com but there were only 2 recipes that contained it and they were boring.

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how do you make stuffed tomatos? i've eaten them before and they're nothing like stuffed peppers.. they seem to be made primarily of breadcrumbs inside and i just dont' know what to do.. anyone have a recipe? :) thanks.

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oh, and while we're at it - what the heck does one do with cabbage that isn't related to colcannon or bubble-and-squeak? ;) i have a head of it sitting in my fridge for the past two weeks. it's the last vegetable. it needs to be eaten.

a possibly silly/dumb question

Hi there, I had someone ask me something tonight, and I said i'd never heard of that....
I work at a local grocery store chain that has a nutrition center in it, he asked me if we had Organic Olives...."you know the ones that aren't dyed black" I said...wha?
"He said, creepy huh?" lol i didn't know they dyed olives? is that true? lol
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