July 20th, 2004

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Tofu omelettes

I've attempted to make tofu omelettes before with reasonable success. The taste and texture was there, but they always fall apart.

I even tried adding a bit of egg replacer to bind it together.

Anybody have any idea what to do to keep the thing together?
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First of all, susilou1, that alfredo sauce was delicious! I hadn't found one I liked until now! I added a little garlic powder, salt and pepper to mine though. But wow! Had it on pizza last night! hopefully use the rest on pasta today!

Also vgnwtch I searched for your Quick Easy cheese sauce but couldnt find it. Mind if you share it again? (I swore I had it bookmarked!)

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Vegan recipe source

Hello, I'm new.
Here is a site that has some pretty good vegan recipes, especially for summer (no cooking involved!. Who wants to stand around a hot stove when it's sweltering outside?)

There it is. There are some other recipe's around the site. And for other interesting facts about veganism you can go up to 'Lifestyle' and click on 'Vegetarianism'. It says Vegetarianism but it's mostly Vegan. It also has links to places to find cosmetics and such that are animal free.
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hi everyone,

i know this might be kind of an out-there question but i'll ask anyway...

does anyone know of a vegan cooking school?? or even classes that are offered? anywhere in canada or the united states? i am interested in cooking schools but many only have one class that is vegetarian, not even vegan and the other classes are all non-vegan and i couldnt put up with that!

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I bought a few cans of cocnut milk at a dollar store while I was visiting my mother last week. The problem is, they're the Mexican kind (used for making mixed drinks) instead of the Asian kind I was thinking about when I purchased them. I was going to make a large amount of green curry with them, but that's clearly not happening now. Anyone know what I can do with this stuff?
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Sweet potato home fries

I'd like to make chunky home fries out of sweet potatoes/yams (they're the same thing, right?).
I had the greatest ones at a cafe recently that just seemed to be seasoned with pepper and cooked in oil. I really have no idea what I'm doing though, so if you have any recipes/suggestions on how to make sweet potato home fries, I would be ever so grateful. Thanks!

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When I was at the store a few days ago, I mistakenly got a small bottle of Green Curry Paste, does anyone know any recipes I can make with it that are tried and true? Thanks!
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