July 21st, 2004

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potato salad...:)

hello.. I've never posted on here before, but today I made THE most amazing potato salad ever. I used my mom's old recipe, and changed it a bit .. so here it goes...

4 medium sized potatoes, cubed [bite size]
1 carrot, chopped
1 stalk of celery, chopped
4-5 green onions, chopped
green& red pepper, chopped
radishes [optional]

1/4 -1/2 cup Veganaise [do not use Nayonaise, it does't taste as good]
2-3 table spoons of Kraft french salad dressing

1.) Boil the cubed potatoes until soft enough to bit into,
but not as soft as you'd cook them for mashed potatoes;
2.) Rinse them in cold water, until they're no longer warm;
3.) Mix potatoes with other vegetables in bowl;
4.) Mix in the dressing;
5.) chill in fridge;
6.) Enjoy, I know you will. The dressing is to die for:)

Boiled vegetables

Whenever my mom cooks a whole lot of meat for the rest of the family, sometimes she feels a little guilty and tries to make something vegan for me. I love the woman, and I tried telling her that I'm fine with cooking my own food, but she insists. So mostly I end up with a whole lot of boiled vegetables.

Last night she cut up some potatoes, cabbage and broccoli, threw them in water along with barley and added some frozen peas/corn/carrots mix. She then proceeded to boil the crap out of those unsuspecting vegetables to the point where not even the broccoli would hold its shape. I stared at that bowl for nearly ten minutes trying to figure out how to make it taste like SOMETHING.

So, if any of you guys are ever faced with such random acts of kindness, here's my suggestion:

Blend it together. I used a hand mixer but I'm sure you could get similar results using a regular blender. Salt and pepper, then add a tiny bit of sesame oil. I have spicy sesame oil, so it made it a bit more savoury than regular sesame oil would. The result is a very thick sort of soup (leave some of the water in, unless you want it to take on a mashed-potatoes texture).

Yeah, yeah, I know it's ghetto... I swear it tastes awesome, though!
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I made salsa last night...

i generally knew how to make some and i bought the ingredients....

and I wipped up the first salsa i ever made...

and it turned out to be the best salsa I have ever had!

I used mostly organic veggies...

2 some what large Tomatoes.
some sticks of celery.
some fresh cilantro
1 jalapeño pepper
2 habanero pepper
1 onion
1 green pepper

finely chop:  tomatoe, celery, cilantro, green pepper, onion
puree: jalapeño pepper, habanero pepper

mix it all up in a bowl.

taste it.

it will taste bland...

so you add about 1 t of salt.

and now taste it...             and it will be awesome exploding with taste..   the salt makes all the difference.

leave in fridge for an hour or two for flavours to settle in.

this is how easy it is to make salsa....           and a damn healthy and fresh salsa.

the cost is about 9 or so dollars... which is expensive...           and thats because organic ingredients do cost a tad more...  and tomatoes aren't cheap... but it isn't cheapier than buying premade stuff...  it makes about 4 cups (944 ml) of salsa....    

i would actually make the recipe better by adding one more tomatoe and a little bit of garlic...    next time i will....

fresh salsa taste damn good!
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Anniversary Vegan Dinner

Today is my three year wedding anniversary and i wanted to make a nice dinner for my vegan husband. So I'm making a enchilada lasagna...here is the recipe:

1 pack of tortilla shells
1 can of black beans
1 can of diced tomatos
1 can of refried beans
1 can of corn
1 can of enchilada sauce
1 box of Fantastic Taco Filling

1.Get a casserole dish and line it with cooking spray.
2.Lay down a base of tortilla shells
and with any combination that you like put something down and then add more shells and so on until the dish is full
3. Cover the whole thing with Enchilada sauce.
4. Cover with tin foil and put in the oven at 350 for 30 min.

this is my first time trying it so hopefully it will go well:)
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Food for Thought

Hey guys,

As I was looking through my fridge trying to find things to throw in the pan for dinner I came across Milled flaxseed any suggestions as to what I can do with it?   (This is odd because I didn't buy the stuff and my family is definetly not into anything that is not meat or a well known vegetable)