July 25th, 2004

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Does anyone know a quick and yummy recipe for some silken tofu? I made some hummus with silken tofu in it (it was absolutely delicious) but I have the rest left from the container (prbobaly about 2 cups?) How long will it stay good in my fridge? (I have some plastic wrap over it). I really really want to make something quick and good before my dad throws it out or it gets rotten.
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pizza troubadour

pissaladiere is a provence native savoury pie, usualy made with onions, black olives and anchovies, and served as hors d'ouevres. the name comes from pissala, an anchovie paste. it's very pizza-like, which makes me think of it as a grandmother of italian traditional pizza (you know, the peasant dish, just dough and tomato, not the cheese-loaded-meat-loaded modern versions...).

i had a pizza craving yesterday, and came up with this version. i never had a real pissaladiere, and i bet it doesn't tastes nothing like the original:), but i never liked anchovies anyway. i gave the name "troubadour" because of the medieval provence poetry, and because the pizza needed a name, like a good christian pizza:). here's how i made it:
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i wish i had my camera, it came out very pretty. i don't like black olives a lot, but ate HALF of it in less than 30 minutes - and i wasn't even hungry.
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Mexican food extravaganza

After hearing my boyfriend talk about fideo (Mexican pasta) all the time, I attempted to make some a couple of weeks ago. When I told him how I made it, he told me he'd school me in the art of making fideo. So we made a night out of it! We made an entire veg Mexican meal last night. I invited some friends and dinner time was on.

Of course it isn't a meal without salsa and chips. I also made some fresh pico de gallo. It tasted like burning because those jalapenos were HOTTT (three t's).

chips and cilantro n' lime salsa

homemade pico de gallo

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Today at the grocery mart, I picked up some tempeh.  I've seen it in various recipes before but have never tried it, so when I saw it I eagerly grabbed it up anxious to get it home and try it out.

I was wondering what favorite recipes some of you have that use tempeh.

Thanks in advance!  :o)



Vegan wontons - went really well with sushi last night, and they're dead easy.

In equal portions, cut up marinated tofu, onion, carrot and celery in a very small dice. Put about two teaspoons into the centre of wonton skin and fold the corners in using water. Cook in vegetable or peanut oil for a few minutes until brown, and eat with chilli or soy sauce.


Help with two cravings...

I suddenly got the weirdest craving for deviled eggs. Not once since I've been vegan have a craved eggs of any kind and now i want something it seems is impossible to veganize. Grr. Has anyone found anything that resembles the taste. It seems Ive seen somethings that are made up to look like them with tofu and molds and stuff. It doesn't have to look like one, just something that tastes like it.

Also while Im here. The rest of the family had rice-a-roni last week and it reminded me how much I used to love the stuff. Not any particluar flavor really, it was just one of my favorite things in the world before. I don't know what exactly I could do to get my rice tasting like it. Seems like maybe I've had cous cous before that was similar. Just wondering if anyone knows of a recipe that reminded them of rice-a-roni.

Thanks Bunches!!
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Nachos with cheez

I made these on Friday night, and they were AWESOME. It took about 15 minutes from start to finish to make these. I took a partial bag of spicy nacho chips and a partial bag of blue corn chips that were both stale and I baked them until they were crispy. The beans are Fantastic Foods instant refried beans. The bell peppers and tomatoes were picked from the garden earlier that day, and I also added in some red onions. The cheese sauce is super simple.

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