July 29th, 2004

Sushi pics :)

The recipes are coming to norwegetarian some time this week, but here are pics of dinner from the other night :) Oh, and if you can't tell, that's homemade sushi and a salad with carrot/ginger dressing, also homemade :) Oh, and I mix my wasabi in with my soy sauce, but trust me, it was there!! :)
The sushi was filled with:
1. tofu, sesame seeds, red bell peppers,zucchini.
2. pear and mango.
3. cucumber and carrots.
4. tofu, sesame seeds, cucumber, carrots.
5. avocado, cucumber, carrots

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hey guys i was wondering if you coudl help me. i looked in the recipe index but didn;t see what i was looking for, but i may have missed it. anyways i suddenly got a huge craving for an old family favorite, chicken and dumplings. now does anyone have a good dumpling recipe for this? my mom always used jiffy baking mix to make hers and they were yummy, and i have tried a few recipes for dumplings but they just were not very good. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

wedding jitters

I am attending a large wedding, of one of my cousins, away from home, (spending 4 nights in a hotel) and am quite nervous about eating. it is a large family wedding, and my date and i will be the only vegans. the food at the actual wedding is going to be set up buffet style, so i wasn't given the option of requesting request a vegan meal. and there is a barbecue/dinner party the night before. I thought the bbq would not be a problem, that i could just bring some veggie burgers or tofu to throw on the grill. however, my mother told me this was a bad idea, and that she thought our hosts might get offended. and as silly as it is, she is probably right. they are right-wing republicans, who understand very little of what my opinions are.

i KNOW there will be vegetarian food, but i have a sinking feeling much of it will contain cheese or other such things. this is what happened at the last family gathering. all i could eat at christmas was the dish and cake i brought myself.

my parents are very open to my veganism, but my extended family is not so much, especially since i see them once or twice a year, i have not had time to 'condition' them to my lifestyle. i love my family, i am feeling fustrated.

I figured packing food for us to have in the hotel is probably the easiest route to go, and will cause the least controversy. I would also like to save some money, as eating out quickly adds up and gets expensive.

so far i have

nut mix
dried mango
baked tofu sandwiches
hummus and small carrots/grape tomatoes for dipping
granola and grapefruits for breakfast

any other ideas for munchies and such to bring? i looked in the memories, but most of the ideas seemed to be for camping trips, and since i have no way of cooking, everything needs to be premade.

i am bring a small cooler, but that will be the only form of refridgeration, so i have been debating if bringing soy milk or soy yogurt for breakfasts will be a good idea. do you think they will likely spoil in a cooler?

also, does anyone know of any yummy veggie resteruants in the pittsburgh, pa area? we will be going out a few times, and i would love to eat somewhere exciting. i am already looking forward to going to the andy warhol museum.

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Crush apx 20 graham cracker squares—1 1/2 cups
Melt 2 T margarine, mix with crumbs, press into 9 inch pie plate.

12 oz firm tofu, pureed
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 T lemon juice
1/4 cup molasses (or honey)
1 t vanilla
2 cups chopped pecans (mixed nuts are good in this pie, too)
1 cup chocolate chips

Mix and pour into pie crust.
Bake 40-45 min at 350 degrees.


flour allergies

I'm baking some cookies for someone who is allergic to most kinds of flour. The kinds he can eat are: corn, rice, flax, and potato.

I assume potato or corn flour wouldn't be so great for making cookies, so what is best. There might be other kinds he CAN eat that he may not know about.

Can anybody lend any advice?