August 2nd, 2004

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vegan school

i was wondering if any of you know any vegan school where you train to become a vegan chef.. i know there's one in colorado called natural cookery but i was wondering if there are actually anymore? i tried to find but i couldn't find anything. thank you.

My soy milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

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I used soy icecream. I had to use almond pecan b/c the HEB up the street from my house doesn't sell vanilla. I added fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup and Very Vanilla Silk. It was good...just not of the thick consistency.

Me thinks I'd have to super freeze the soy before hand...or skip out on the soymilk altogether.

I will perfect this milkshake.

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i've never used silken soft tofu for anything before, but my husband bought some for me. i'm used to stir-frys with extra-firm, lasagne with firm, but what can i do with soft? besides maybe making mock cream cheese dip or something? anything dessert-like? i don't have much.. a little block of it. help! ;)

Seeking unsweetened soy milk recipes

Buying 2L of unsweetened soy milk when I hadn't tried it before was a bad idea, but I was intregued. If anyone can answer this, vegans can.

Please suggest ways I can use my unsweetened soy milk instead of spilling $5 down the drain?

I tried drinking it and didn't like it at all. Normally I use soy milk for drinking or cereal. Next time I'll stick with my So Good Fat Free.


mmhmm i'm new

i love mexican cooking, but in alot of taco-ish recipes,they use sour cream to put on top of the taco.personally, i LOVE sour what can i use as a substitute?any products/advice in general would be lovely!
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Vegan Hamburger Helper?

So, I've just made the transition to vegandom, and my young boys (ages 5, 2, and 1) are along for the ride. My oldest is requesting Hamburger Helper. That's not something we ever ate before, but he got it at the sitter's house. I'd like to try to make a vegan version. I've got some Morningstar crumbles that I can use for the "meat", but I've little idea how to imitate the flavoring. I'm guessing tomatoes, onion, pepper, garlic, some other spices. I found this recipe (not vegan), that I'm thinking I could try to alter. What could I replace the nonfat dry milk with? Will soy milk work just as well? I don't have access to any beef bouillon substitutes - I wonder how the recipe would fare without that?

Any ideas? Has anyone tried this?

Thanks for any and all ideas.

Flax meal fun?

I just bought a big package of flax meal (ground flax seeds) to use as egg replacer. I'm really excited because according to the package it seems to have super powers, and I should put it in everything that contains grains (breads, cereal, etc). Can I use it as a thickener like cornstarch when I'm making sauces?
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Today is a day for something new! So I have a Daikon! It didn't taste good raw so now I'm curious as to...

....The nutrient foundations of what will make me big and burly with hair sprouting all over my chest!

And suggestions on what I can do instead of eating it raw.

Will someone please tell me as to why I should eat this? What's in it for me?!?!?

I don't want it raw! but I don't want to wreck my fine chest hair super vitamin by cooking it too much! Will someone tell me the best way?

I apologize for lying in the beginning of this post, I didn't actually eat it raw, should I?

I'm not eating until I eat this Daikon so hopefully someone tells me soon, do you want my starvation on your hands?!?!

Seriously, that would be a horrible Public Relations move for the Vegan movement, just picture the news headlines!

"Boy vegan starves to death due to not eating meat, another reason to eat meat! and more meat!"

Just picture the full page advertisement of "Got Milk" right beside that article which claims non-bias news, and tell me you want to be the one responsible for this scenario! Or you can tell me about daikon, save the day and become a hero of the entire vegan movement.

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Historic legend of grace and courage

The choice is yours.

Cottage cheez!

Yesterday, I had the absolute strangest craving for cottage cheese. So I made some. I remembered how I adapted a recipe almost a year ago. It looks like this:

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I've used this to make blintzes before. Mostly I just eat it with peaches or pineapple.
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Has anyone tried the recipe in How it all vegan! for Rice Paper Veggie Wraps (p. 102)?

I wanted to try it, but I was wondering about cooking the filling first before filling the rice paper with it.  If any one has tried it, have you cooked it or left it the way it is in the recipe?  How did you like it?