August 3rd, 2004


making tahini-miso spread spreadable?

I love putting tahini-miso spread (you know, about a 50/50 mixture of tahini and miso) on everything, the only problem is once I mix them, it sort of... curdles. It gets really pasty and hard and won't really spread, instead it just crumbles onto stuff. Is there a way to keep it smoother so I can use it without it seeming like putting frozen margerine on bread?

zwei Fragen

I have two questions:

1. What are your favorite casserole recipes? I need meals that I can make in a big dish, stick in the fridge, and eat when I don't feel like cooking at college. Give me your lasagnas, your casseroles, your one-pot meals...

2. How do you make oatmeal taste good without adding a ton of sugar?
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Olive Garden?

I know this prolly gets asked every other month.. but..

Does anyone know what's vegan-friendly at Olive Garden?

I hear sooo many different answers to this question.. Does anyone have any (recent) credible sources?


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what can i do with raspberries that is centered around the raspberries themselves? like, not raspberry cheesecake or chocolate cake with raspberry filling, but a recipe where raspberries are front and center. i don't wanna just eat them, lol. thanks.