August 4th, 2004

sutro baths

white chocolate chips

Someone had posted about Pangea no longer carrying their white chocolate chips. I emailed them to ask because I dont know if I could live withouth them. You can use them to make the most amazing white chocolate raspberry vegan cheesecake and I really like putting them in snowball cookies with walnuts. Anyways...this is what they said:

"Hi Mehgan-

We are having a hard time keeping the white chocolate chips in stock. We are expecting a shipment in about two weeks. Don't worry, we plan on having this great selling item for a long time. Thank you!

Pangea Vegan Products"
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Hi.. I had a recipe request.. if anyone has any suggestions.

I was looking for some kind of fruit dip.

I can not remember what fruit dips are like... I was thinking a sweet creamy dip made from (tofutti)cream cheese? or tofu?

If anyone has vegan or non vegan recipes that i can veganize, that would be awesome.

I am having a last minute potluck tonight- strictly fruits and deserts.


Butter Question

Is Smart Balance Light butter vegan? It says no dairy products, but I'm still wondering. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

XOXO, Lisa
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i lick a glass head

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bon bons:

i used some soy mocha ice cream and made some small balls and rolled them in some dark chocolate powder and made different batches covered in almonds, dried coconut, instant expresso, or dried strawberries.

put them on a metal sheet and aluminum foil and leave them in the freezer to get them to keep their shape

i love lazy recipes. my dad ate all of the coconut ones before they even really refroze.


Tonight I made dinner with a packet of TofuMate. I didn't expect much but it was delicious! I got the Mandarin Stirfry kind.
I cut up a block of extra firm tofu, sauteed it, added the sauce, waited for the sauce to get thick, put all of it in a bowl, added water chestnuts, green onions and mandarin orange slices. Yum!
I would add pictures but my digital camera isn't working. Sorry. But maybe next time.
I highly recommend Tofu Mates.

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