August 6th, 2004



Due to a mistake (mine) regarding our gas bill, it's been shut off. This means no gas for our stove or oven. After about three days of this, I am at a loss as to what to cook for myself. We do have a microwave, I haven't used it for much other than to defrost frozen veggies.

Any ideas or non-oven/stove recipes?

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well i made chocolate cookie this week that turn out great. i used the chocolate chip cookies Recipe from "how it all vegan" but i didnt used the chips and used coco powder to make chocolate cookies instead of chips.
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Kale and mushrooms

I have some kale and mushrooms that I'd like to use before they go bad...Any recipe ideas (one recipe for both, if possible)? I'm going to check out VegWeb now, but I thought I'd toss a line to this fantastic resource first, in case anyone is just bursting with a kale/mushroom recipe to share.