August 8th, 2004

  • kittee

ethiopian party style

we had an ethiopian dinner party for dazee's bday last night:

black eyed peas in a spicy berbere sauce

spicy red lentils

gingery smooth split peas

cabbage/carrot/green bean/potato stew



and the highlight for me, was a vegan version of doro wat (a spicy chicken stew with red wine).  it came out great with big chick'n tvp cutlets i ordered from The Farm.  we ordered the injera online too, as there is no ethiopian groceries or restaurants here in new orleans.  the bread was not in good shape when it got here, so that made me mad!  we're gonna try to get our money back, i had to pick out moldy spots!!!

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Hi :-). Hope everybody is having a good weekend so far.

Was wondering what your favorite vegan cookbooks and websites are.

(Sorry if the question has already been posted before.)

<33 Irene

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Does soy milk go bad? Can it go bad? What does it look like or smell like when this happens. Because we had one of the larger Silk containers and we hadn't even had it for 2 weeks. We weren't even half way through it, and it got lumpy. It's like it seperated and curdled. But I was unaware that soymilk could curdle. Has anyone else had a similar lumpy soymilk experience?