August 10th, 2004

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Old tofu

I seem to have some tofu which is now nine days past its printed expiration date. Yikes! It has been kept properly refrigerated, and the package is still sealed. Is it definitely too old to safely eat, or might it still be okay? If I open it to check, what indications would there be that it's gone bad?
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cheese please

I was looking through the old posts, and I found this really great looking lasagna recipe. But I've never really used any of the soy cheeses so I don't know which are good and which aren't. Especially for melting when making something like lasagna. If anyone has any suggetsions I'd really appreciate it.

cooking class

my friend met someone who holds vgean cooking classes. he works at a really upscale culinary place, so i am worried about the price. what does a typical cooking class cost? i am blind to the whole situation. thanks! love, melody

Ethiopian Success

I want to tell everyone that I just made Kittee's Yemiser W'et recipe: I used the red lentil version.

It was AWESOME! Really good, the right amount of spicy, and very similar to what I've had at Ethiopian places... I used the recipe given there for the Niter Kebbeh and the Berbere too, since you can't get either in Detroit as far as I know.

Here's a tip: you can make the Niter Kibbeh while the Berbere is cooking in the oven, and can start getting ingredients ready for the Yemiser W'et (onions chopped, garlic crushed etc) while those are both finishing up - they require only a little babysitting. It came together really quickly this way.

Thanks again Kittee!
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(no subject)

having the mister work at a health food store is the best thing ever.

he just called and told me they have 10 bricks of tofu [variety of textures] that expired yesterday, so he's bringing them home for me tonight. i'm going to save some for tofu scramble for breakfast, but i need some awesome recipes for all kinds of tofu. ive never had to make so much in such little time before! help! help!

also they got a shipment of tropical source chocolate chips that are all crushed and the bags are a torn, so i get bags of those too! so chocolate mousse will be on the list! as well as a bunch of bruised peaches, and some mexican seasoning packets.
the wall

(no subject)

Does ANYONE know how to replicate the tofu (light brown color, very thin, but coated with a sauce) normally served in tofu rolls at sushi restaurants? I want to make sushi tonight but it's never the same.

Help! Thanks.
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Bake my apples

I'm house sitting, and the fools left a bunch of green apples that are over-ripening as we speak. I'd really like to make something nice with them. I do not want to do a pie or cobbler, more like a bread or cake. We used to sell Jewish apple cake at a coffee shop where I worked; that especially would be delish. I've found a few recipes on line, but personal recommendations are always better. So, calling all good apple non-pie/tart/cobbler recipes...

Contrast =P

(no subject)

I have a bunch of veggie burgers sitting in my freezer.

And while I LOVE veggie burgers, I have so many of them. I don't know why... =\

I checked the index, and I didn't SEE anything about it..

but does anyone have any ideas on what I can do with these? to spice them up, or use them for something else OTHER than a burger ( IE- In recipies, crumbling them up, etc )

Thanks to anyone who can help =D
can we start again?

cashew crusted tofu

i made cashew crusted tofu with veggies and seasoned rice tonight for dinner.
it isn't anything special but it was SO good with a little twist on the rice.

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it was very pleasing to the rest of the family including a 14 year old boy that thinks tofu is the nastiest food on the planet.
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