August 12th, 2004

veggie burger?

When I was at college, oftentimes the only thing I could eat in the cafeteria were salads, and these soggy veggie burgers (not the soy kind, the kind with little bits of veggies inside). They were kind of terrible, but all of a sudden I'm craving one. Or seven. I think they'd make a great snack. But when I went to my local grocery store and picked up a package of the Gardenburger kind, I noticed the dreaded "sodium caseinate" in the ingredients. I couldn't find a vegan veggie patty anywhere. So I consulted my trusty copy of "Vegan Planet", and the two recipes that sounded like what I was craving call for "vital wheat gluten", and I don't know what that is, which probably means I can't find it here. That's a roundabout way of asking:

anybody have any good veggie burger recipes? Nuts, seeds, beans, corn, and veggies are all welcome, but I'd like to try a soy-free vegggie burger for a change (I think I rely too heavily on soy). Also, no lentil loafs, please, as I don't like lentils (blasphemy, I know...) :)

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i bought some flat vegan lo mein noodles last night, and didn't even think to look at how to make them. it says i need sesame and stir fry oil, both of which i do not have, and don't intend to get. so does anyone have a good recipe, or good way to coolup some lo mein noodles with seitan, mushrooms, brocolli and bamboo shoots?
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Simple and Yummy

I just discovered my new favorite sandwich! I bought some Smart Deli "Ham Style" slices, Follow Your Heart Vegan "Mozzarella Cheese" and Rudi's Organic bread. I put the bottom half of the sandwich in the toaster oven and set it at 400 degrees for around 7 minutes. For those who haven't discovered Follow Your Heart yet, they make the best vegan cheese and, YES, it MELTS!

If your local store doesn't carry Follow Your Heart, you can order their products from They also have a few more flavors of vegan cheese yumminess. :)

I spent about $7.50 on the ingredients and got about three and a half sandwiches out of it, plus lots of vegan cheese toast. Not too shabby.
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Sharing the love

I thought I'd post some recipes I've made this week since I've been asking so many questions lately. Good journal karma and whatnot.

These aren't my own, but they were damn fine!

I made this mac & "cheese". It was spicy and a little odd-colored, but very tasty. I only used 1 pound of pasta, as opposed to the 1 1/2 it calls for. That much wouldn't fit in my pan. It turned out really good all the same, and I wonder if it would be less cheesy per capita if there were more pasta involved...

Thanks to heathergalaxy and this post, I concocted sauteed kale and mushrooms over mashed potatoes, basically exactly as she describes there. It was

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Recipe for sauerkraut with tofurky keilbasa coming soon...
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Office pot luck tomorrow. I haven't the slightest idea what to bring. I've looked at the list and the only vegan things are the forks, plates, cups and sodas.

Looking for any and all suggestions, EXCLUDING desserts.

Thank you!


I really don't like spinach. It's horrid. However, I'm being hounded by everyone to eat it. They seem to be under the impression that just because I am vegan and therefore spinach is good for me, I can stomach just boiling the stuff, slapping it in a bowl and eating it. When I mentioned the fact that that's gross, it was met with "but it's vegan!" Does anyone have any decent spinach recipes that wouldn't make someone who is not exactly fond of it gag?