August 13th, 2004

Mashed Potatos

Hi everyone, I am new to veganism and having a tough time being without certain in particular, mashed potatos. If anyone can give me some pointers on what to use to make them taste as creamy as possible. I am also curious if there are any recipies for a good ol' fashioned Shepherds Pie (vegan and would use these forementioned mashed potatos) Please help!!! I am trying so hard to be successful with this. Thanks, Clare

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for my sister's birthday, we're going to the Cheesecake Factory. does anyone know of vegan options to choose from at this restaurant, or would i be better off eating before hand?

on another note, i made tofu out of a boxed mix. this was a few days ago and i threw away the box before noticing if it said how long the tofu will keep in the refrigerator. so...i'm assuming it will be safe to use for about 7 days. if anyone knows the life span of refrigeratd tofu, please inform me. =) thank you!

baked beans, anyone?

so my husband/boyfriend came home from the store and proudly put a can of "vegetarian baked beans" in front of me. he loves them, yet we never eat them because... you know. anyway, i can't find anything in the ingredients that seem un-vegan, except for maybe the "natural flavors" thing. it's marked as "pareve k". do anyone know if this means they're vegan?

also, how do you eat baked beans? i'm swedish, we don't eat beans baked ever. the husband/boyfriend suggested burgers, fries and baked beans as a side, but that just sounds weird to me... maybe it's because of my scandinavian way of seeing food. are there any other ways of eating them (that is, assuming noone tells me that "k" stands for something horrid)? any suggestions?
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i thought this article was interesting. it's not entirely vegan but it promotes the "plant based" diet that the american heart society promotes. and their vegan ideas sound pretty tasty. And if it's on MSNBC, then you know America is listening..

Another question. I've read a lot of different articles on Omega-3s and all I've assertained is that oily fish and ground up flax seeds have O-3s. So without the oily fish does anyone know other sources of O-3s, other than flax seeds? I would prefer not to have to start eating flax seed goup on a regular basis...

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this community, and running this community.

You guys have saved me so many times when I have bland food, and you all have such amazing ideas.

This community inspires my veganism so much. When I post recipes, or pictures I always get amazing positive comments, and I love it.

I love being a vegan. So thanks guys. This community is such a lifesaver