August 16th, 2004

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So, I created myself a GREAT lunch today. I wanted something I hadn't had before, cuz other things are getting old. So I defrosted and sliced my tofue into slices about a half-inch thick so they would fit two slices to a piece of bread. Then I marinated my tofu in soysauce and teryaki and then grilled it on my illegal George Forman grill. After the grilling I put it on my bread with brown spice mustard, onion and tomato. OH GOD WAS IT GOOD!! Then I used some cubes of said tofu and put it on my pasta with tomato sauce. Mmmmm. Recommended for those on a budget.


I've looked through the memories and found nothing about amaranth--

I have a huge amount of amaranth someone gave me and no idea what to do with my question is, what can you do with amaranth? And, it's a grain, right? It's not a nut? I have severe allergies to many types of nuts so I'd just like to be sure.

Sorry if there's stuff about this in the memories, if there is, just tell me and I'll look harder.


Has anyone tried to grill tofu? I went to whole foods on saturday and they had this wonderful sweet chili tofu and it has grill marks on it. Im wondering how i might duplicate this. Its wonderful! The strips are almost an inch thick by an inch wide and maybe 3 inches long...any ideas?

intro and a recipe

hi, i'm jennie.  i've been lurking here long enough now.  i've even commented on a couple of entries.  so now i'm introducing myself.  i've been veggie for nearly 7 years now.  vegan at various times, but bad at sticking to it when i live at home (my parents love cheese.  this summer though, i have developed a big, stinky lactose intolerance.  and if nausia isn't incentive for a swift and committed return to veganism, i don't know what is...

as for the recipe, i'm sorry for not having pictures, but this pudding cake was amazing!

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Best Recipes

Well, with some inspiration for vegan cooking on lj lately, I've decided to make up my own cookbook, considering I do all my own cooking. I've started if off with the recipes that catch my fancy (usually biscuit recipes ;)) and I was wondering what are everyone's all time favourite vegan recipes? I'm hoping to add a lot more to my cookbook. Any style of food, whether salads, bakes or slices I don't mind, I'd like to get a broad selection.

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Burmese Bean Curd (Tohu)

Has anyone ever tried this recipe? I can't have soy and I miss tofu so I'm wondering how it turns out.

Burmese Bean Curd (Tohu)

3 cups chickpea flour (also called besan or garbanzo flour)
15 cups water
1 tsp. corn or peanut oil
1/4 tsp. ground tumeric
1 tsp. salt
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hi guys. i am new to this whole vegan/vegitarian thing. so far i have been vegan. i havent had any diary products or eggs. i could use a few recipies so that i am still getting protien and all that good stuff. i need to go shopping too for soy milk and all that good stuff. thanks.