August 18th, 2004

good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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So, my mom has this THING about sending me expired food. I don't think she MEANS it, I just don't think she really cares about whether or not food is expired. I, however, tend to get a bit freaked out about these things. One of the things she sent was one year past the due date broth, and another was a bunch of mori-nu tofu that is probably around a month after the expiration date. I also have some tempeh in the fridge that's gone a month or two past expiration that I just found.
I threw out the broth just because a whole year seems a bit too much. But how seriously should expiration dates be taken on vegan products, especially those like tofu and tempeh?
Additionally, can things like grains and most flours be used indefinitely? She sends me a TON of that stuff too. I don't want to toss it if it's perfectly good.

thank you! (yes, crossposted!)