August 22nd, 2004

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Yeast flakes?

Could some one tell me where I can buy Yeast Flakes? Are they the same as just regualar rising yeast? I looked all over my local Supermarket (it was a price chopper) and i couldn't find yeast flake! I really wanna make a cheese sauce...I've been cheese deprived!
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Not sandwiches and salads for packed lunches?

I started a new job, and I'm working short shifts, so I don't want to take a real lunch break most days. I have access to a kitchen, but I'm looking for something I can eat at my desk that is more like a snack than a full meal. I'm allergic to wheat, so sandwiches, pita bread, etc aren't an option. So far on my list I have instant soups, nuts/seeds, fruit, carrots/celery/cut veggies, wheat-free cornbread, rye crackers. I'm going through the memories, but I'm not seeing much that fits my needs. Thanks for any help!

vitamix and wheatgrass?

i have a vitamix blender and i got some wheatgrass from a friend. i was wondering if you could use the wheatgrass to put in some sort of smoothie since the vitamix is supposed to juice whole foods and make them digestable. i read somewhere that you cant eat wheatgrass because the fibres arent digestable by humans but if the vitamix pulverizes the wheatgrass maybe its ok. does anyone have any experience with this?
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Tired of only seeing it on food network

All right kids. The time for us to stand together is now and create our own vegan cookoff.
Seriously. We should contact some veggie organization and have a big cookoff and have a giant potluck with the leftovers. I know chili is popular, but it could be eggplant or desserts or something, anything!
I wonder if we could make something for for the bigger cities then the winners of those cities gets together for some head to head cookin'.
I just want to be able to cook and meet other cooks and be able to share tips and actually be able to taste other peoples goodies and not have to worry about anything!
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(no subject)

i need some kind of sticky bun recipe to satiate my ridiculous craving for cinnabons or whatever that horrible place is called. ;) thanks..

also! if you know anything i can do with tomatos besides make sauce, salsa, something sauce/salsa-like, or uh, eating them plain - let me know. i have inhereted dozens of them from various people's gardens and want to use them before they're rotten. thanks again! :D