August 27th, 2004

Eyelash Trees.
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Has anyone ever used the website: VeganEssentials? I got some stuff from there was was so happy with what I got! ( it's not my website, so it's not self promotion. )

They have some vegan products on there that I haven't seen at any health food store... Though they carry a lot of Fantastic foods, and I love their products - especially veggie sloppy joes *yum*!! There are a lot of cheese substitutes that I am really interested in. Also the "raw food products" like snacky things.. it is so neat!...Has anyone tried the "chicken n' dumplings" mix? What is your favorite online vegan store for food/personal care/clothing?

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haven't posted here in a while....

bright purple smoothie of deliciousness:

1 c plain soymilk (more or less to desired consistency)
1/2 c frozen marion blackberries (+/-)
1 ripe banana
1 container peach whole soy/ other brand soy yogurt.
A teaspoon of vegan, vanilla protein powder, if you like!

Blend. It makes a lot.

[the berries totally make a difference here -- i used stahlbush island farms marion blackberries. soo good. they come frozen, so you dont need ice in the smoothie!]

oh, by the way... double rainbow makes the *best* soy ice cream ever. the soy cinnamon caramel is amazing. :))
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Tomato Jam

My parents managed to root out the following recipes for tomato jam - one for green tomatoes, one for red. I haven't yet tried them, but the green tomato jam was my grandmother's speciality and incredibly delicious.

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i found edamame at a new asian grocery store that just opened in my city. sarah kramer is right--edamame is delicious! i cooked them with some water in the microwave and then cooled them by pouring cold water over them. then i put some sea salt in the bowl and ate them up. so yummy!
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Whoopie pies?

Hi, I am new to this community, and I think it's awesome! I love swappin vegan recipes but don't know enough people to do it often.
I'd like to explain my current recipe quest and see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions...Does anyone know anything about whoopie pies and how to make them vegan?? My boyfriend is from Maine, and he's been vegan for a really long time, but he says that he really misses all the whoopie pies he ate as a kid. Me being a native californian, I had no idea what the heck they were until he showed me them while we were out in Maine last summer. I guess they are a big tradition out there...They had them everywhere from liquor stores to diners. Basically they are very-bad-for-you chocolate cake/cookie sandwich-type things with a creme filling in the middle. I think the cake part would be easy to do, but it's the thick creme that's racking my brain. All the conventional recipes call for either marshmallow fluff or making a creme with butter and milk and powdered sugar by heating it and then whipping it. Do you think this would translate well with margarine and soymilk? Has anyone tried making a creme filling like this before? It needs to have somewhat of a thick consistency while still being fluffy...
Any help/ideas would be great. My Nor'Eastah boyfriend would be so "wicked excited" if I made him some...
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I made some good enchiladas tonight. They turned out good.

I used both flour and corn tortillas and made one pan of each.
3 onions chopped
2 zucchini - thin slices
2 cups frozen thawed and drained spinach
1 can enchilada sauce green (spicy to your liking)
corn or flour tortillas ( this is enough to fill 10 tortillas, or if layered for 1 11 x 13)
1 can stewed tomatos drain half of juice
chili powder

I sauteed the onions. Then I added the spinach and enchilada sauce. I simmered this for about 10-15 minutes on a med-low heat. I added salt and chili powder for taste.
In each tortilla I put tomatos, onion sauce mixture, zucchini. A little juice of the tomatos also. Keep a little of the onions sauce mixture for the top of it all.
If layering your tortillas like an enchilada pie, put tomatos, sauce mixture, & zucchini on each level and place tortillas on bottom level and then after each level. Three levels should be sufficient.
I cooked it in the oven at 350 deg for 20 minutes. Enough to make the zucchini tender.

It was very tasty.
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Great news on omega-3s

i've just been reading 'Plant-based nutrition and health' by Stephen Walsh Ph.D. (science adviser to the International Vegetarian Union), and on p158 of this nifty little tome he says:

"About 10% of the flour [in bread] can be replaced with ground flaxseed. This makes the bread a good source of well absorbed omega-3 fatty acids. The baking does not significantly damage the omega-3s but does break down cyanogenic glycosides in the flaxseed, which can be harmful in very large doses". [my emphasis]

From my previous reading, I'd been lead to believe that the heat of cooking would destroy the omega-3s, but I can see that the heat of frying in flax oil would be a lot more extreme than that reached in the centre of a baking loaf.

There's a flax-and-poppy seed wholemeal loaf baking in my machine right now :-)
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