September 5th, 2004


rice cooker help!

i left my rice cooker/steamer behind this summer to go up north. it's a black and decker plug-in one.... and now that i've returned, i can't find the instruction booklet that goes with it, and forget the measurements for making rice.

i tried making some rice the other night, and it was really overdone, bloated and watery... not perfect! does anyone have the cooking time and measurement chart for a rice cooker handy. i could just eyeball it, but it'd be nice to have an idiot-proof guide on hand.

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Cooking dunce back again... Is there a taste difference in different brands of tofu? Because I've eaten tofu in things that other people have prepared for me or that has been prepackaged and it tasted just like everything around it---you know, how tofu picks up the flavors that it's seasoned with... It was goooood. But I just tried cooking it myself, three times, three different ways [and I did drain it and all] and each time it came out with this slight taste and huge aftertaste that reminded me of the smell of those frogs they make you dissect in high school. Do I just have to get used to it or are there certain brands that are better than others?
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i have achieved it! yes, folks, the dish we've all been waiting for -- vegan poutine! what is poutine, you ask? it's a french canadian delight made up of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. you can get it at pretty much any fast food joint in canada, including KFC and A&W. of course, neither gravy nor cheese are vegan, so i've been missing poutine for ages now.

thanks to this mushroom gravy recipe posted recently by weizenwind and the wonderful innovation called soy cheese, or mozzarella flavoured soy loaf (which is what i actually used), i finally satisfied this craving. :)

i added a touch of soy sauce to the gravy, and put it through the blender after cooking in order to have a super creamy gravy. if you want to try it out, make enough fries -- straight cut or julienne -- to fill a bowl (a small bowl, this is pretty fatty and filling). cook 'em till they're golden but not too crispy. somewhat soft fries are best. grate some cheese (a small handful will probably be enough) and top the fries with it. pour the gravy overtop. you might want to put the cheese on after the gravy, or some before and some after. s'up to you.

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eat it with a fork, not with your hands. ;) some people like ketchup in their poutine... i'm not one of those people.

jalapeno help!!

Thanks to everyone who replied! This isn't a problem anymore, but I don't know what did it. I tried a ton of things, so it's difficult to say which of them worked.

i was very stupid today and chopped up some jalapenos without gloves. this is not usually a problem, except that i guess i scraped the seeds out with my hands and now they BURN! i've washed them a million times today. i went online to find a way to get rid of it and i cannot find anything! a few things suggested were peroxide and alcohol. tried both, neither worked. SOMEBODY has to have a suggestion that actually works. i'm afraid to wash my face tomorrow! i can leave in my contacts overnight, but i'd rather not. i've already given myself a burn on my arm.

any help would be appreciated!!

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Chocolate Banana Muffins

Old brown-spot bananas must never go to waste! I made some good chocolate banana muffins by using some ingredients I had laying around and by adapting a tried and true Banana Bread recipe from Tofu Cookery. (cookbook by Louise Hagler...highly recommended).

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