September 7th, 2004


Ok...well my veggie intake recently has been terribly low so I on a mission to up it this week plus I keep getting donated veggies from a neighbours allotment haul and it included a rather very large marrow (like a super large zuccini) however I have no idea what to do with it. In the past I have hollowed out the seeds and stuffed it with veggies and rice or veggies/nuts/veggie burger crumbles but this didn't work too well as the stuffing was tasty but the actually marrow itself was still mushy, watery, tastless and gross.

So any suggestions to make my wonderful marrow veg actually ediable would be super fantastic!


i have a large eggplant in my fridge. I was hoping to make an eggplant parmesan type dish, and either using a nutritional yeast sauce, or just forgetting about the cheese.

my one problem is the breading, every time i have tried to bread and fry anything, it hasn not worked. i'm starting to wonder if it is possible. (i used eggs before i was vegan to bake the breading stick to the vegetable, and now i don't know what to use instead of eggs)

any ideas on how to get the breading to stick so i could fry up some eggplant?

or any ideas about what sort of nutritional cheese sauce would taste yum with an italian dish?
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What to do with zucchini...

One of my favorite Mexican dishes ever is calabacitas. Saute for a few minutes in some corn oil a big chopped onion, zucchinis, red and green peppers, fresh corn kernels (or the crisp canned kind, if fresh corn isn't in season), a minced garlic clove or two, a couple of choppped jalepeno peppers, and some salt to taste. Add in a good amount of either fresh or canned diced tomatoes, and cook until nearly done. A few minutes before the veggies are cooked through, add a handful of chopped cilantro, and simmer until done. This is especially good served with spanish rice. =)

Oh, and...hi everyone! I found this community through gleefulfreak. I've been vegan for the past ten years, and I love to I'm happy you're all here! =)

ok, give me good news....

my boyfriend and i have been thinking about this regularly for a long time now,
but neither of us is sure how to go about doing it...


help would be much appreciated.
we kinda thought maybe just making regular pancake batter, sticking a tofu dog on a stick, dipping, then frying, but the batter i do is runny so it wont stay on. *shrug*
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