September 12th, 2004


Silk Soy Coffee Creamer Recipes

i bought a container of silk coffee creamer a few weeks ago to use in a recipe, and still have a TON of it left.

the womyn i live with and i rarely drink coffee, but when we do, we both drink it black.

sooooo what can i do with the rest of it before it goes bad?

please post ANY and ALL recipes and suggestions for the creamer!

Herbal body wash

Im sorry that this isnt about food, but I need help.

I bought some cheap herbal body wash and a couple of days after I used it a had a rash all over my body. I have no idea what it was from but I have been assuming that the body wash was what caused it. Does anybody know any particular common ingrediants that cant cause sensative skin to break out in a rash like mine did? Also, does anyone know any sensitive herbal body washes and shampoos?
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