September 15th, 2004


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Does anyone have a recipe for vegan broccoli cheese soup? This was really the hardest thing to give up when I became lactose intolerant (and no the lactaid pills do nothing).

terra cotta loaf pans

This isnt specifically a vegan question, but its the only cooking community i belong to :)

I bought a terra cotta loaf pan at the thrift store a month or two ago and have been scared to use it.

Do you preheat it with the oven like a pizza stone, or put it in like a regular loaf pan?

How does it change what you're cooking--would it work for pound cakes and other "quick breads" as well as yeasted bread? Does it make the crust thicker?

I tried to google and couldnt find much, anyone out there own one or know anyone who uses one?

How do you clean it, can you use soap or no?

YAY!!! google finally linked to our community (and a call for volunteers)

you can now use google to search through all our past entries. for example any entry with the word "cheese" in it

just go to google and type this: vegancooking plus the name of the recipe you are looking for (or specific ingredients you are looking for) it's not completely bug-free, but at least it works a little bit.

also........ :-( i think i am going to have to ask for a permanent sidekick (or six) in the archiving of the memories. anyone want to volunteer? if i get 6 of you to help, we can each choose one day of the week, and just focus on that. if we get less than 6, i'd be willing to file more than 1 day, i just need some help here.

the reason why i ask is because a few months ago, livejournal had decided to change the way community maintainers file away memories, and it takes a bit more time.... but that bit more time (as well as my not having as much free-time as i used to have) has caused a 2-month back-log of entries... and the volume of this community is a bit more than i can handle on my own.

also... i have noticed that there are still many of you who don't put descriptive subject lines in your entries. having to choose parts of the entry to use as a subject takes quite a bit longer than you might expect. i might have to resort to not filing away entries that don't have subject lines. i feel awful about it, but it's something i may have to end up doing. so please, try to remember to choose a subject line that would be useful for people who are looking for it later on down the line. click here to see what others have chosen their subject lines to be this past month

thank you so much guys. you're all wonderful. and i love you so.
*big puppydog eyes*
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