September 16th, 2004

  • webwawa

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I just got a monthly email form whole foods and it had this great vegan banana recipe inside that might satisfy someone's cravings!

Banana Bread - Wheat, egg, dairy, and nut free
From Whole Foods: A fl@vors subscriber sent us this wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free and nut-free recipe, saying, "It is low in cholesterol, trans-fats, and uses a higher fiber flour than most sweet breads. And it tastes delicious! I add carob or chocolate chips to this recipe and my kids love it!" We do too. Serves 8

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(sorry if any of the ingredients or methods don't go with the vegan philosophy, I'm just starting to think about how I could get by in a vegan world...)
  • bosker

'Nut rissole or cutlet'

This is about the best nut cutlet I have had - my Mum made it for me when I was first vegetarian, about 18 years ago, and I get distressed if I can't find the book. I have 'veganised' it for here, but it didn't take much, and doesn't change it's taste/ whatever.

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