September 17th, 2004

  • vgnwtch

Non-Melting Peanut Butter Frosting?

I just iced my husband's birthday cake for tomorrow and shoved it in the fridge in the hope that the icing will firm up. I beat in enough icing [confectioner's] sugar to fell a horse, and certainly to clog up my electric whisk, and yet, once applied to the (completely cooled) cake, it began to get melty. I have to cart it up to the in-laws' place tomorrow, a journey of 1 hour, and I'm paranoid about it melting more on the way. Does anyone have a peanut butter icing/frosting recipe that is guaranteed to behave like icing/frosting should and not melt, or should go with the melted and poured look from hereon out?

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Given that it's my husband's favourite icing/frosting, and it only gets made once in a very long while, advice would be greatly appreciated.