September 19th, 2004


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hi im new to this community so i thought i'd introduce myself.
Im known as SuperDoe or just Doe. I am also new to the vegan thing as well. I love to cook, so any good and or quick recpies would be great.

Can anyone recomend some cook books? (or websites with recpies or other such sources that might come in handy for me.)
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super thick sugar cookie question?

while yes i know there are a TON of sugar cookie recipes in the FAQ, but atleast from what i could tell they were mostly the roll out and cut type of cookies. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for those like super thick sugar cookies that you get at bakeries and such, not cut into shapes nothing, just a simple circle with the fork marks and sugar sprinkled on top (does this make sense to anyone?!?!)

so yea does anyone have a recipe like i think i mean, or can you just take any old sugar cookie recipe, and shape it into balls as opposed to rolling it out?
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Some Questions About Freezing

So there's a sale on Silk soymilk at a local store, which made me wonder, does it freeze well? Could I go splurge now to save money down the line? How long would it stay decent in the freezer, and does it tatse different when used later (my boyfriend and I don't really drink it by itself, but in cereal, for example)?

...Which also got my thinking, most veggies are on sale right now. Can I just buy a bunch and freeze them until I need them? Do I need to do anything to them besides chop up and put in a ziplock? I was thinking particularly of cauliflower since it always seem to go bad before I use it, but also maybe strawberries, peaches, bell peppers, spinach, carrots?
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salsa-- cooking? cherry tomatoes?

i looked through the recipe archive and couldn't quite find what i was looking for. so i implore you to share your salsa-making secrets and please answer my questions.

firstly, i was wondering if cherry tomatoes would be OK to use for salsa. i have a shitload of them.

secondly, i made a salsa with some fresh tomatoes before and used lime juice, garlic, jalapeno and onion but it was too tomato-y. i was wondering if you cooked tomatoes, do you think the salsa taste less tomato-y and more like store bought?

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I can not seem to make a pizza crust that is suitable...
I have used the yeast version in the "How it all vegan" book as well as some of the ones in the I need to ask again. Maybe someone new will have something to add.
YES. I want whole wheat...not unbleached flour. I did however try adding soy flour once, semolina flour (as per a suggestion on here i believe...) and it still comes out like a brick.
What am I doing wrong? Do I really have to resort to using unbleached flour? I have not used it in six years and really don't want to go back to having to buy it for a little bit of use. In case you are wondering it creeps me out. If it is unbleached...why is it WHITE? Yes I know that is silly but I have strange issues with foods. Don't ask. Could be scary :)

Thanks for putting up with my strangeness!

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Basic Pizza, Calzone or Focaccia Dough

For the person who asked for a good, basic pizza dough.  I've used this one multiple times (I don't know if I've posted it here before - couldn't find it via google in the archives), and it's always come out very well for me. 

The big difference between this one and the one in How It All Vegan, you might ask?

Maple Syrup. :-)

Also, I do recommend the mixing of the two flours, though you might be able to use some whole wheat pastry flour for the unbleached.  I've not tried that before, I just use unbleached, but that might help.  Pure, regular whole wheat flour alone will likely be too thick for a good pizza crust.

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